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Albert: An Autobiography

Albert: An Autobiography by Al Borowitz

Award winning crime historian, author, & essayist Albert Borowitz has penned his autobiography. The twist is that he wrote it 74 years ago! Unearthed from his personal archive and published for the first time, this book chronicles the first 13 years of his life, from 1930 to 1944, and affords the reader a preview of a precocious writer that was yet to come and a fascinating look at the formative years of a young Jewish boy growing up in Chicago.

…a funny portrait of a cautious, smart, and somewhat hapless child in a world of strong personalities

…the book is clearly the work of a clever young writer, and it’s no surprise that Borowitz grew into a successful author.

—Kirkus Reviews

Albert Borowitz passed away in January of 2023. ATBOSH published his works until November 2023. ATBOSH no longer publishes these works and all publication rights have reverted to the Albert I. Borowitz Trust.