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TitleAuthorISBNPage CountTypeReturnable
A Bird in the Deep: The True Story of the USS PartridgeJames Krouse9781626130753288PaperbackYes
Albert: An AutobiographyAlbert Borowitz9781626130845152PaperbackNo
An Eighteenth Century Tragedy: The Execution of a Portuguese JewAlbert Borowitz9781626130715162
Celebrating the Soul of ClevelandNina Freedlander Gibans9781626130760276PaperbackYes (10/1)
Cocktail at the MuseumHolly Witchey9781626130852376PaperbackYes (10/1)
Crimes Gone By: Essays by Albert BorowitzAlbert Borowitz9781626130692812PaperbackNo
Death PlayAlbert Borowitz9781626130807234PaperbackNo
Encore: A Collection of Verse & Song PoemsMarjorie Potter978162613097588PaperbackYes (10/1)
Magical Images (B&W): A Handbook of Stereo PhotographyGeoff Ogram9781626130746574PaperbackNo
Magical Images (Color): A Handbook of Stereo PhotographyGeoff Ogram9781626130722574PaperbackNo
Man of the World: Book 1 of The Odyssey ExpeditionGraham Hughes9781626130814330PaperbackYes (10/1)
More Studies in Art and LiteratureHelen Osterman Borowitz9781626130098314HardcoverYes (10/1)
Rosepetals: towards memory...Nina Freedlander Gibans978162613096842PaperbackNo
Secret of the Warlock's CryptTom Hayes9781626130876240PaperbackYes (10/1)
Tales from the Locker Room: An Anecdotal Portrait of George Szell and his Cleveland OrchestraBernette Jaffe & Lawrence Angell9781626130463190PaperbackYes (10/1)
The Beautiful Red DanubeAlbert Borowitz9781626130166214HardcoverNo
The Charmed Garden: A Guide to Herb GardeningJudi Strauss978162613004370PaperbackYes (10/1)
The Charmed Kitchen: Cooking with Herbs & SpicesJudi Strauss9781626130456422PaperbackYes (10/1)
The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour MurderAlbert Borowitz9781626130142274HardcoverNo
The Magic in the Half Torn MapAlisa Bargeski9781626130005190PaperbackYes (10/1)
The Paul and Alice Prye MysteriesAlbert Borowitz9781626130708578PaperbackNo
The Present PastLeonard Ross9781626130739238PaperbackYes (10/1)
Their Paths Are Peace: The Story of Cleveland's Cultural GardensClara Lederer9781626130432156PaperbackNo
This Club Frowns on MurderAlbert Borowitz9781626130159234HardcoverNo
Voices from the Reichstag FireAlbert Borowitz9781626130173140PaperbackNo
Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be an Innkeeper?: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know on How to Find, Buy, Run, and Sell the Inn of Your DreamsJeff Bendis9781626130081354PaperbackYes (10/1)
Yamamba's MountainsLinda C. Ehrlich978162613092028Saddle-StitchNo
Fallen VirtueRJ Benson9781626130982PaperbackNo
Stereoscopic Photography: Its application to Science, Industry, and Education [Expanded Revised Third Edition]Arthur W. Judge9781626130821PaperbackNo
Get Out While You Can: Your Guide to Escaping into the World!Graham Hughes9781626130838PaperbackNo
The Will of an EccentricJules Verne & Jared BendisPaperbackNo