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Arnold Hirshon

Arnold Hirshon’s professional experience spans 48 years in positions of library and technology leadership at six research universities, and as the CEO of a non-profit organization for ten years. Until 2022, he served as the Vice Provost and Lindseth Family University Librarian at Case Western Reserve University. Within the library profession, Hirshon is an author with extensive scholarly publications, and an international lecturer who has worked on six continents.  A highly experienced international consultant for libraries, his assignments included serving as an advisor for a Carnegie Foundation program for major research universities in South Africa, and the development of a new university being established in Vietnam.  Hirshon is a Past President of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, and he currently serves as the Chair of the Management Board of EIFL, an international association of library consortia in more than 40 developing countries across Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is a collector, writer, and speaker about the illustrated editions of Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Looking-Glass.

Alice in a World of Wonderlands: The English Language of the Four Alice Books Published Worldwide