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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How does it work?


  • review your proposal – find out what you have and if we have any interest in publishing it
  • evaluate the state of the manuscript
    • Does it need editing?
    • Does it need image processing?
    • What sort of cover design is needed?
  • put together a contract and an offer which includes royalty rates and either an advance or subvention
  • provide custom interior design
  • provide custom & collaborative cover design (front & back)
  • provide multiple rounds of hard proofing with actual books
  • assign ISBN numbers (typically 6 per project)
  • submit the US Copyright Registration (on your behalf)
  • register with and submit to the Library of Congress
  • provide global online distribution via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram
  • submit the book to Barnes & Noble and other bookstores (submission doesn’t guarantee acceptance to stores)
  • create eBook editions
  • coordinate creation and distribution of the Audio Book (if appropriate)
    distribute the eBooks via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords
  • create a webpage for both Book & Author on
  • create an Author Page
  • create a Book Sell Sheet (marketing one-sheet)
  • create and distribute an International Press Release (if appropriate)
  • submit to Kirkus or others for review (if appropriate)
  • provide the author books at near cost
  • act as your agent in finding larger publication and distribution deals

What is an Agency Press?

As an Agency Press we are not just your publisher, but also your literary agent for the book (and depending on the contract its derivative works – including the television and film rights). So instead being an agent where we shop your book around to larger publishers, we publish the book and then shop it around afterwards. In the event that the book is transferred to a larger publisher our relationship converts from publisher to agent and we receive a standard agency fee.

Do you require an exclusive contract?

Yes, for each project we require a 7-year exclusive contract – however we allow for self-distribution. The contract auto-renews every 7-years and upon death of the author turns into a permanent publication deal.

What is self-distribution?

If you want books to give away, sell, place on consignment, etc. –  you can order books directly from us at near production cost.  We want to be very transparent here – this is NOT a revenue stream for us – selling you boxes of books is not our goal.  Bookstores and libraries don’t purchase directly through us, they order from Ingram like they do all of their other books.  The option of buying books at near cost is done as a courtesy because many of our authors want to put books in small consignment shops or sell their books at festivals or fairs directly.

What if another publisher is interested – can I get out of my contract early?

Yes! In fact that’s what we WANT to happen.  As an Agency Press that is our goal. As your agent we don’t want to hold you hostage from a good opportunity so we just take an agents fee.

Who owns the copyright to my work?

The copyright remains with You the Author! ATBOSH Media Ltd. is just the publisher – we do not own your work. But we do file the paperwork on your behalf.

What about derivative works?

ATBOSH Media ltd. makes no claim to any right in derivative works (for example TV or Movies), or future works (such as sequels), or distinct future editions (unless you want us to publish them).  Our hope is that when you sell the movie rights that you will also sell a lot of books.  However, as your Agent, we do have a separate contract if you WANT us to represent you in other media.

Do you ever publish just an ebook?

No.  We view an eBook as an add-on to a print publication and not as a stand-alone.

Will you publish anyone?

We will publish anyone but not everyone! We have an editorial screening process to make sure that the work has both quality and completion and most importantly that we want to publish it.

Do you offer an advance against royalties?

Yes, but it is rare.  We are a small press.  We all know about the dream of the “advance check” – but the reality is – sales & royalties is the true business of publishing.

What are the royalty rates and how are they calculated?

Our royalty rates vary based on the project itself.  Most of our author’s get a royalty of between 50-70% of the net earning on their sales (depending on the contract and situation).  This is net – not gross – so the amount will vary based on markup, discounts, and distribution channels.  As an example – if your book sells for $13.95 and the net is $3.50 then a 70% royalty would be $2.45.  No other fees or overhead is included in this calculation.  We work closely with each Author to set the book price.

Are you a Vanity Press?


We are a for-profit company – and we like to make a dollar or two – but we want to make it with our authors – not from them.

We are NOT “pay to publish” and operators are NOT standing by to take your order for a “book package”, “marketing package”, and a “box of books”.

Publishing takes a lot of time & money and we can’t provide our authors with the “Standard Rich and Famous” contract. That’s the movies.

The reality is that today more of the responsibility is being placed on the author. Reputable publishing companies (of which we include ourselves) often require contribution/subvension (or simply responsibility) from their authors, especially when it comes to third party activities such as editing, design, or marketing.  The difference is that we are clear about these things and we work with our authors to create a quality product.

Do you charge to publish my book?

No. We do not charge to publish. For some projects we require author participation to cover a part of the third party expenses.  Each project is different in terms costs and expectations as well as royalty rates (if we require a author participation we give a higher royalty rate).  After we have seen your manuscript and proposal we can discuss the details.  Again we want to be VERY transparent here and only look for participation in pre-publication (layout/design) or marketing costs (press/review releases). Again this is not “pay to publish” and these costs are not our primary revenue stream.  In the end we want to make money the same way you do – from book sales and royalties.

How do I get paid?

We send payments via PayPal (and 1099s at tax time).

When do I get paid?

You get paid when your royalties are greater than $100 after one fiscal quarter.

What if I have other questions?

Ask them! Email us at or call us at 216-288-6349

How do I get submit a proposal?

New submission form coming soon, but in the meantime drop us an email!