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Lemming Labs is now part of ATBOSH Media 

We are pleased to announce that Lemming Labs is now part of ATBOSH Media Limited.  Over the next few months our apps will be changing their branding to reflect this.  Same great developers though and we are committed to maintaining and expanding all of our current app offerings!

For any app support questions please email and we will be happy to address any of your questions, concerns, or comments.


Our app Privacy Policy:

We take privacy and data very seriously!  To that end, we just don’t collect any data.

In fact as an added form of protection, with any of our apps that might have interest to children (directly – such as our educational apps or indirectly – such as our games or art apps) we have removed the save/share feature and replaced it with with directions of how to take a screenshot to be saved on the phone or tablet itself.  This way our apps will not be a conduit to send, share, post, etc.  Once the image is saved on your device – the sharing and distribution is 100% in your control.

All of our paid apps do not collect any data.

Some of our free apps are ad supported and in those situations some data is collected by the 3rd party ad companies. However, this data comes from the phone and our apps do NOT provide any of this data and your activity within the app is yours and yours alone.  As we roll out revisions to our ad supported apps we will be adding a conspicuous ad supported label placed to them.

None of our current apps are “data driven” or interface with external databases.  If this changes we will revise the policy accordingly.

Revised: 03/08/2023