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About Us

ATBOSH Media Ltd. is an Agency Press in Cleveland, Ohio that publishes emerging and mid-career authors in almost any genre or subject.  This includes (but is not limited to) mysteries, cookbooks, biographies, gardening, westerns, essays, poetry, romance, adventure, science fiction, how-to books, children’s, YA, scholarly, and good-old-fashioned novels.  We publish relatively few books per year, and our books reflect the eclectic taste of our editorial committee.  In fact, because of this diverse and eclectic taste, we are ready to publish in almost any medium including hardcover, paperback, magazine, comic-book, CD, DVD, eBook, board games, card games, software and even apps.

ATBOSH Media Ltd. has its roots as a producer of original content – creating products for both ourselves and clients.  We know that what makes a product “special” is that last mile – the small details that carry a project across that finish line.  As a publisher we help authors go from dream to reality – from manuscript to book.  We believe that good content deserves to be published – needs to be published.  If we think the work is good – then we want to publish that work.  That’s our mission – to bring good content into the world through publication and distribution.

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