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TitleAuthorReviewsAgentAuthor Available for Interview?ISBNPage CountTypeReturnable
A Bird in the Deep: The True Story of the USS PartridgeJames KrouseKirkusBook & Derivatives
Ari & Abigail’s Passport to IsraelDahlia FisherBook OnlyNo978162613105728PaperbackYes
Celebrating the Soul of ClevelandNina Freedlander GibansCleveland Plain DealerBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)9781626130760276PaperbackYes
Cocktail at the MuseumHolly WitcheyBook & DerivativesYes9781626130852376PaperbackYes
Discovering Digital HumanityTom HaymesBook Only
Encore: A Collection of Verse & Song PoemsMarjorie PotterBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)978162613097588PaperbackYes
In The Garden of Old AgeNina Freedlander GibansBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)978162613107180PaperbackYes
Learn at Your Own Risk: 9 Strategies for Thriving in a Pandemic and BeyondTom HaymesBook & DerivativesYes9781626133013196PaperbackYes
Magical Images (B&W): A Handbook of Stereo PhotographyGeoff OgramBook OnlyYes9781626130746574PaperbackYes
Magical Images (Color): A Handbook of Stereo PhotographyGeoff OgramBook OnlyYes9781626130722574PaperbackYes
Man of the World: Book 1 of The Odyssey ExpeditionGraham Hughes Kirkus Starred ReviewBook & DerivativesYes9781626130814330PaperbackYes
More Studies in Art and LiteratureHelen Osterman BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130098314HardcoverNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
No Life But This: A Novel of Emily Warren RoeblingDiane Vogel FerriBook & DerivativesYes9781626133006416PaperbackYes
Rosepetals: towards memory...Nina Freedlander GibansBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)978162613096842PaperbackYes
Secret of the Warlock's CryptTom HayesKirkusBook & DerivativesYes9781626130876240PaperbackYes
Tales from the Locker Room: An Anecdotal Portrait of George Szell and his Cleveland OrchestraBernette Jaffe & Lawrence AngellKirkusBook & DerivativesJaffe: Yes
Angell: No (Author
The Charmed Garden: A Guide to Herb GardeningJudi StraussBook OnlyYes978162613004370PaperbackYes
The Charmed Kitchen: Cooking with Herbs & SpicesJudi StraussBook OnlyYes9781626130456422PaperbackYes
The Magic in the Half Torn MapAlisa BargeskiBook & DerivativesYes9781626130005190PaperbackYes
Death PlayAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130807234PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
The Present PastLeonard RossKirkusBook & DerivativesNo (Author Deceased)9781626130739238PaperbackYes
The Sunken Restaurant and Other VersePhillip TaylorBook OnlyYes978162613142292PaperbackYes
Their Paths Are Peace: The Story of Cleveland's Cultural GardensClara LedererBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)9781626130432156PaperbackYes
Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be an Innkeeper?: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know on How to Find, Buy, Run, and Sell the Inn of Your DreamsJeff BendisBook & DerivativesNo (Author Deceased)9781626130081354PaperbackYes
Yamamba's MountainsLinda C. EhrlichBook OnlyYes978162613092028Saddle-StitchYes
Alice in a World of Wonderlands: The English Language of the Four Alice Books Published WorldwideEditors: Jon A. Lindseth & Arnold HirshonBook OnlyYes840HardcoverNo
Sarah & Samuel's American StoryDahlia FisherBook OnlyYes
Get Out While You Can: Your Guide to Escaping into the World!Graham HughesBook & DerivativesYes9781626130838PaperbackNo
Stereoscopic Photography: Its application to Science, Industry, and Education [Expanded Revised Third Edition]Arthur W. JudgeBook OnlyNo (Author Deceased)9781626130821PaperbackNo
The Will of an EccentricJules Verne & Jared BendisBook & DerivativesVerne: No (Author Deceased)
Bendis: Yes
An Eighteenth Century Tragedy: The Execution of a Portuguese JewAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130715162
PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
Crimes Gone By: Essays by Albert BorowitzAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130692812PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
Albert: An AutobiographyAlbert BorowitzKirkusNo (Author Deceased)9781626130845152PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
The Beautiful Red DanubeAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130166214HardcoverNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
The Paul and Alice Prye MysteriesAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130708578PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour MurderAlbert BorowitzKirkusNo (Author Deceased)9781626130142274HardcoverNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
This Club Frowns on MurderAlbert BorowitzKirkusNo (Author Deceased)9781626130159234HardcoverNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media
Voices from the Reichstag FireAlbert BorowitzNo (Author Deceased)9781626130173140PaperbackNo Longer Published by ATBOSH Media