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Magical Images: A Handbook of Stereo Photography

cover3Magical Images: A Handbook of Stereo Photography by Geoff Ogram

Magical Images: A Handbook of Stereo Photography provides both practical and theoretical understanding of stereoscopic imaging, primarily via photographic techniques, both film and digital.

The book is in 3 parts

  • Part 1 consists of fifteen chapters primarily devoted to the practical aspects of three-dimensional photography and imaging. This part of the book deals with the capture, processing and viewing of stereo images.
  • Part 2 comprises six chapters in which the theoretical principles of the subject are analyzed in detail, to emphasize how different variables can affect the quality of stereoscopic images.
  • Part 3 is made up of fourteen supplements which contain further technical information on various features of stereo photography, both theoretical and practical!

The book also contains a number of stereoscopic images taken by the author purely for readers to enjoy!

Color Print

B&W Print (less expensive)


As a courtesy to those who purchased the B&W or e-Book Editions, this PDF supplement contains all stereoscopic images found in the book.