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Judi Strauss

Judi Strauss began her career working for the horticulture department at the Extension office in Cuyahoga County. She specialized in urban gardening and designed and maintained the herb garden used for demonstration and teaching. She also lived on an herb farm.She has written two books on herbs: “The Charmed Garden” on growing herbs and “The Charmed Kitchen” on cooking with herbs and spices. She is also the author of numerous cookbooks.She currently lectures on a variety of gardening subjects including herbs, organic gardening, perennials and composting. She has lectured on “The History of Herbs” for the Cleveland Museum of Art as part of the grand re-opening of Armor Court and has also lectured at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, where she has also worked.

Judi also teaches cooking classes and has a line of herbal products.


The Charmed Garden: A Guide to Herb Gardening
The Charmed Kitchen: Cooking with Herbs & Spices
The Red Cookbook Series